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“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.”

—Marie F. Mongan, founder of HypnoBirthing


Birth can be an organic, joyful and even spiritual experience!

HypnoBirthing is Evidence-Based 

The Flagstaff HypnoBirthing course is taught over five weeks.  The curriculum is evidence-based and supported by current data, research and best-practice.  The program includes special breathing techniques, deep relaxations, affirmations, visualizations, meditative practices, attention to nutrition and positive body toning.

HypnoBirthing is for Everyone

All expectant moms 12 to 35 weeks pregnant are welcome to join the classes!  VBAC birthers and those planning a cesarean can also benefit from HypnoBirthing's wonderful breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques!  A unique aspect about HypnoBirthing is that the curriculum doesn’t only apply to pregnancy and labor.  You will also learn tools that will help you as a new parent in your 4th trimester and beyond!

Hypnobirthing is Reconditioning

For most of our lives, we have been conditioned to believe that our bodies are broken, that birth is excruciatingly painful, that birth is something to be managed and controlled.  HypnoBirthing teaches that tension and fear DO NOT have to be part of your birth.  Most importantly, mothers learn that their bodies are not broken and that their birthing body knows exactly how to bring their baby into the world in a calm, gentle way just as nature intended.

HypnoBirthing is  Peaceful

During the course, we’ll watch several peaceful, emotional and inspiring birth videos.  Additionally, I will guide you through several relaxation and deepening exercises.  You will also learn three key breathing techniques as well as optimal positions for increased relaxation during labor and birth.  These techniques will not only give you the best chance to have the birth of your dreams, but are also incredibly useful in learning how to relax, be present, and overcome stress for the rest of your life.

HypnoBirthing is Transformational

When you discover the truth about your birthing body, when you witness positive birth videos, when you learn evidence-based information, when you release fear and anxiety… something shifts. 


You no longer buy into the fear-based rhetoric.  You no longer doubt your body or its ability to birth.  You no longer question your birth plan or your birth journey.  You learn how to advocate for yourself, for your baby, for your own personal birth experience.  Most importantly, you are able to connect deeply with an inner wisdom, an inner knowing— the truest part of yourself.

"We loved so much about this course: How inclusive it was for the birth partner, the abundance of birthing videos, the tools and information given to help us be successful in our birth goals, that it taught us what we need to know about the labor and birthing process and the questions we need to be discussing with our medical providers, and, of course, we loved Emily!"                                                                                                              

~Mia & Rob

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