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In addition to teaching HypnoBirthing classes, I also offer doula services for birth and postpartum support. 

I am a holistic birth doula, mentored under Elder Midwife Whapio and The Matrona.

It is through this lens, combined with the philosophy of HypnoBirthing, that I provide a balance of both the practical and intuitive aspects of birth and postpartum.

 I'd be honored to be a member of your birth team.

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Image by Joey Thompson


As your holistic birth doula, I am passionate about the transformative power of birth.  To be invited into your birth space, to be able to support and hold witness to your journey into parenthood is something that I do not take lightly.  It is a privilege that I hold with the highest honor.   


My goal is to help you and your family achieve a meaningful, empowering and fulfilling birth experience. I am a wealth of knowledge and resources and will provide you with non-judgmental support. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, your #1 fan, your safe space and your gentle guide as you walk the sacred path into parenthood.

My birth doula services include:

  • Unlimited support via phone, text & email throughout the time we work together— For anything at all, I’m there to offer support, encouragement, and evidence-based resources throughout pregnancy

  • ​​5-week group HypnoBirthing class—  HypnoBirthing is a childbirth education course.  It’s evidence-based and effective!  I love having my doula client in my class as it allows us to get to know each other even better.  It’s a wonderful way to bond, connect and learn incredible tools and techniques for your empowered birthing experience!

  • 2 in-person prenatal visits— This provide us the opportunity to build our relationship. It's just as important for you to get to know me as well during this process!  During our two visits, we can discuss any pregnancy-related questions, concerns, fears and/or anxieties.  We will discuss your birth plan and discuss your vision for your birthing experience.  We can practice different comfort measures and relaxation techniques.

  • ​​24/7 on-call support starting at 37 weeks— I’m 100% dedicated to you when you enter your birthing window.  Anything you need, day or night, I’m your girl!

  • Continuous support through labor and delivery— During your labor, I will meet you at your home or birthing facility.  I will remain by your side providing physical and emotional support.  I will also be a sounding board and offer evidence based information as you are making decisions and navigating your birth journey.  I will remain with you for several hours postpartum, making sure breastfeeding has been established and all your needs are met, leaving you only when you are ready for snuggles, sleep and alone time. 

  • 1 postpartum visit— Within the first week or two after birth, I visit your home for a postpartum visit.  This is a wonderful opportunity for you to process your birth experience, reflect on how the postpartum journey is starting, and get connected with local resources such as breastfeeding support, postpartum support groups, pelvic floor therapy and any other needs you may have.


Birth Support Investment— $1350


Who holds mom while she is holding baby?


As you walk through the postpartum portal…

as you integrate this life-altering experience…

as you learn, grow, shift, and transform…

you deserve to be held, centered, and honored.   



Family in the Kitchen


Whether you are embarking on this journey for the first time, or as an experienced parent, having support is crucial.

Daytime postpartum support can look different based your individual needs.  Here are some ideas of services that I offer:

  • Providing non-judgmental emotional support and answering questions

  • Support in breastfeeding or bottle feeding

  • Basic education on newborn care—(bathing, umbilical cord care, soothing and more)

  • Self-care for mama (caring for baby while giving you time to eat a hot meal, take a nap or have a relaxing bath/shower

  • Caring for older siblings

  • Meal prep (meals or snacks)

  • Running quick errands, doing food shopping, light housekeeping or doing a load of laundry

  • Yoni steaming

  • Light touch massage

  • Deepening hypnosis sessions—(birth processing, addressing physical symptoms, emotion balancing, breastfeeding struggles, and other specific needs



It’s amazing how much sleep impacts our functionality, our emotions, our ability to be present, and our overall outlook on life.  Most everything seems better after a good night’s rest, right?


Overnight support is a great option for parents who need to catch up on sleep and are looking for those long uninterrupted hours.  Each shift is 10 hours long (example:  9pm-7am).  As your overnight doula, I will care for your baby entirely, allowing you time get sleep and recover.  I will bring your baby to you for feedings (if breastfeeding) or can offer pumped milk or formula.  You’ll wake rested, to a delicious breakfast prepared  (please provide food) and a baby eager for snuggles.




Standard— $1650 (save $50!)

Choose one:

Option 1:  HypnoBirthing class, birth doula support, 10 postpartum daytime hours

Option 2:  HypnoBirthing class, birth doula support, 6 postpartum daytime hours and 1 pp overnight



Deluxe— $1810 (save $100!)

Choose one:

Option 1:  HypnoBirthing class, birth doula support, 16 postpartum daytime hours

Option 2:  HypnoBirthing class, birth doula support, 8 postpartum daytime hours and 2 pp overnights



Ultimate— $2040 (save $150!)

Choose one:

Option 1:  HypnoBirthing class, birth doula support, 24 postpartum daytime hours

Option 2:  HypnoBirthing class, birth doula support, 12 postpartum daytime hours and 3 pp overnights

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