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Service Agreement for Postpartum Doula Services

As your Postpartum Doula, my role is to support new mothers and their families in those first days and weeks after the new baby arrives. I will draw upon my knowledge and experience to provide emotional support, physical support, physical comfort, and the information or resources you need to make informed decision during you postpartum journey.  I can provide reassurance and perspective to you and your family during this beautiful and delicate time of transition.  All services are provided with no judgment and with the upmost care and support of your family values.  I am independently self-employed and as such I work for you and tailor my services to your specific needs.  Once under contract, I will be available to answer questions about care or services anytime before the birth of your baby.

1. Scope of Services:

As your Postpartum Doula, I agree to offer care with professionalism, compassion and respect.  I agree to:  

  • Provide emotional and physical support during the postpartum period, offering guidance and assistance to you and your family.

  • Assist with newborn care, including feeding, diapering, and establishing a sleep routine.

  • Offer evidence-based information and resources on infant care, postpartum recovery, and breastfeeding support.

  • Provide assistance with light household tasks, meal preparation, and running errands to ease the transition into parenthood.

  • Offer a listening ear, non-judgmental support, and referrals to additional resources as needed.

2.  Out of Scope 

​As a Postpartum Doula, there are some tasks that fall out of my scope of practice.  As a doula, I do not:  

  • Perform major housecleaning tasks (ex: washing windows or yard work)

  • Provide transportation for mother, baby or family.

  • Perform clinical tasks, medical assessments or evaluations nor do I provide medical advice or diagnoses for mother or baby

  • Make decisions for you or speak for you. I may assist you in finding information or resources or remind you of your decisions as previously discussed.

3.  Daytime Service Details:

I require a 2 hour minimum per visit and a 4 hour minimum per contract.  Depending on your specific needs, these are some of the services I provide:  

  • Physical and emotional support (listening to your birth story, your fears, frustrations, concerns, observing your postpartum recovery)
  • Non-judgmental emotional support and answering questions
  • Support in breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • Basic education on newborn care—(bathing, umbilical cord care, nail care, soothing and more)
  • Baby-wearing education and assistance
  • Self-care for mama (caring for baby while giving you time to eat a hot meal, take a nap or have a relaxing bath/shower
  • Caring for older siblings
  • Preparing simple, nutritious meals or snacks
  • Running quick errands, doing food shopping, light housekeeping or doing a load of laundry
  • Yoni steaming
  • Light touch massage
  • Deepening hypnosis sessions—(birth processing, addressing physical symptoms, emotion balancing, breastfeeding struggles, and other specific needs)
  • Referrals to other professionals as needed
  • Telephone, text and email support

4. Overnight Service Details:

This service is provided during overnight hours for a 10 hour minimum (eg 9pm-7am).  During this time, my full responsibility is the care of your baby.  As your overnight doula, I will care for your baby entirely, allowing you time get sleep and recover.  I will bring your baby to you for feedings (if breastfeeding) or can offer pumped milk or formula. Prior to the end of my shift, I will prepare breakfast for mom with ingredients and instructions you provide. No other duties or services will be provided.  

5. Your Obligations

As the client, you agree to conduct your behavior with professionalism, compassion and respect.  You agree to:

  • Communicate your needs to me, as my duties will depend on your priorities and your particular needs that day.

  • Provide 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment.  If you do not, the deposit will be forfeit.

  • In the case of illness, emergency or severe weather, you will make every effort to reschedule services as soon as you are aware that you cannot keep our appointment.  Payment for that day will be applied to future service if already paid.

6. Duration of Services:

The Postpartum Doula services will be provided for a mutually agreed-upon duration, as specified in the service agreement or as discussed between you and I.

7. Payment and Fees:

You consent to pay the agreed-upon fee for Postpartum Doula services. Payment terms are as follows:

  • 50% of total is due upon enrollment, securing the my availability and commitment to your postpartum period.

  • The remaining 50% is due after services are received, unless you are pre-paying for a package deal.  An invoice will be sent to you.

  • Late payments may incur additional charges or affect the availability of services.

  • The consultation is waived if you are a birth doula client continuing care with me.


My pricing is as follows:  
Daytime Postpartum Support—

  •   4 hours—$140  ($35/hour)

  •   8 hours—$280  ($35/hour)

  • 12 hours—$408  ($34/hour)

  • 16 hours—$528  ($33/hour)

  • 20 hours—$660  ($33/hour)

  • 24 hours—$768  ($32/hour)

Served in 2-4 hour blocks at at time depending on needs

Additional hours can be purchased for $35/hour

Overnight Postpartum Support—

​Hourly rate:  $15/hour

Served in 10 hour time blocks

8. Confidentiality Agreement:

Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of all personal, medical, and sensitive information shared during the course of the Postpartum Doula services. This includes but is not limited to discussions, records, and any other information related to the your postpartum experience.

9. Media Release:

By entering into this agreement, you grant permission for me to use any photographs, videos, or testimonials taken during the postpartum period for promotional purposes. Consent can be withdrawn by specifying in writing.

10.  Cancellation Policy:

In the event that you wish to cancel Postpartum Doula services, a written notice of cancellation must be provided.  The cancellation policy is as follows:  

  • If the cancellation occurs 24 hours prior to our scheduled appointment, you will be fully refunded, minus the $50 non-refundable deposit.

  • If the cancellation occurs within 24 hours of our scheduled appointment, the full fee for the scheduled services will be due as compensation.

  • If for any reason I need to cancel services, all funds will be refunded.  If I am unable to provide any postpartum support due to unpredictable scheduling conflicts, I agree to either find a replacement doula or refund the deposit.

  • In the event of my attending a birth, illness, emergency or severe weather, every effort will be made to reschedule services as soon as I am aware that I cannot keep our appointment. Payment for that day will be applied to future service if already paid.

11.  Liability:

By entering under this contract, you acknowledge and agree that engaging the services of Flagstaff HypnoBirthing for Postpartum Doula services involves inherent risks and uncertainties. You further understands that Flagstaff HypnoBirthing and its Postpartum Doulas are not medical professionals and do not provide medical advice or treatment.


Therefore, to the fullest extent permitted by law, you release and discharge Flagstaff HypnoBirthing, its owners, employees, agents, and Postpartum Doulas from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, or causes of action arising out of or in connection with the Postpartum Doula services provided.


By entering this agreement, you also understand and agree that the I am NOT responsible for:

  • Making medical decisions on your behalf

  • Providing medical treatment or diagnosing any medical conditions.

  • Guarantees regarding your postpartum experience or outcomes.

By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Service Agreement for Postpartum Doula Services.

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